Tips To Protect Your Home When You’re On Holiday

Holiday is one of the most awaited and wonderful time of the year. Summer vacations, Christmas, New Year, Eastern and Winter Season are some of the examples of holidays that people celebrate. Most of the people go to vacations, outings, or visit a relative in the other country or state to celebrate important occasions which lead to leaving the house for a few weeks. Leaving your house and worrying what might happen if there will be an intruder who will invade your house. To protect your house from burglars, you need to prepare your home and leave your house for the upcoming trip with zero worry. To secure your home, below are some good tips to have a peace and calm mind while enjoying your trip.
1. Secure the door lock cautiously; close all the windows, curtains, blinds, shutters and shades or other window treatments to prevent the burglars from sneaking inside your house. Secure each of them one by one if it’s working or not.
2. Manage your expensive and valued personal belongings like jewelries and cash. Keep them in a safety vault to hide and secure them from the intruders. Keep them away also from the place that can be seen easily.
3.Keep your precious and valuable stuff away from the front door that can easily appeal to the thieves.
4.Avoid leaving any spare keys of your house or garage to the place that is commonly known to the public like under the doormats, rocks, flower pot, mailbox or above the door frame.
5.Seek or ask a friend, neighbor or your gardener to keep an eye on your house while you’re away. Request your gardener to still come and work on his/her schedule and entrust this person a spare key to pick up your mails, water your garden or plants, scrape your leaves, feed your pets and to do also his work.
6.Unplug your television, speakers, computers, fans or air conditioner and other appliances to protect them from power surges. Do this so you can save power as well. Check all the electric wiring before leaving.
7.If you live in a cold region install your thermostats in low temperature to prevent the pipes from getting frozen Check your pipes if it’s perfectly insulated to engage other precautions.
8.Make sure that the ducts, gutters or rain catcher are clean and cleared from any debris.
9.Stop you mail by either placing a �stop sign� on your mailbox and newspapers. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick the mails or newspapers while you’re away.
10.Do not announce or advertise to the public or social media that you are going in a vacation for a week. Keep your post away from the public and choose a selected people you can trust. Also don’t inform your vacation thru your answering machine, you can simply say that you can’t answer the phone right now.
11.For better security, install a wireless home security camera like Aetherlink DIY camera to monitor your home. Aetherlink is a camera with sensors that can detect any motion, sudden changes and temperature in your surroundings. While you’re away you can relax and have a peace of mind by managing everything on your smartphone or iPhone. You can turn off and on the lights anytime you want with your phone to prevent the burglars from thinking that there is no one home. Aetherlink will alert you to notify if someone is inside your house by push notifications from your phone.

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